Toys That Kill-Fambly 42
Posted on: Wed, May 23rd 2012, 16:42

...And after 12 years, they’ve turned this into some kind of science. There’s a chord change in “Nervous Rocks” or “Freddy And His Mother” that’s a Toys That Kill signature, where the song bends in a way you don’t expect and barrels right through the center of you. There’s a beat on “V Chip” or “I’ve Been Stabbed” that just about breaks the song in half...READ MORE


May 25th Oakland,CA at the New Parish (1234go Records Fest) ~ May 26th Sacramento,CA at Luigi's Fun Garden + May 28th Las Vegas,NV at Punk Rock Bowling May 29th Albuquerque,NM at the Gasworks May 30th Denton,TX at Rubber Gloves / May 31st Austin,TX Chaos in Tejas at the Parish $ June 1st Austin,TX day off at Chaos in Tejas June 2nd Las Cruces,NM at the Trainyard June 3rd Phoenix,AZ at the Meat Market July 15th Los Angeles, CA at The Fonda * July 20th Pomona, CA at VLHS % July 24th Los Angeles, CA at Blue Star % July 26th-29th Hawaii (TBA) % October 26th - 28th Gainesville, FL at The Fest ~ = w/ the Avengers and the Fleshies + = w/ the Bananas, Ennui Trust and RAD / = w/ Joyce Manor, Culo, Gas Chamber and Koward $ = w/ Pierced Arrows,Tenement,Gun Outfit,Teenage Cool Kids and more! * = w/ Screeching Weasel and The Queers % = w/ Night Birds

Clown Sound 7" Series / Landlord-Blind Hand
Posted on: Fri, Dec 23rd 2011, 18:10

Record 4 songs with Bloomington,IN's great Landlord while they were in their Pedro stop on their recent tour. Shit went great! So good, in fact, that the idea was born for the Clown Sound limited 7" series. More details to come later but the cliff notes are basically: 1) Very limited vinyl (I'm thinking 300 and that's it) 2) 4 songs and 3) Nice artwork and photos. Bands committed so far are Landlord, Pangea, Audacity, Lenguas Largas, Treasure Fleet, and Underground Railroad to Candyland. We're excited!

Check out the stop motion video Shanty Cheryl made:

Toys That Kill vocal tracking for new album!
Posted on: Sun, Sep 11th 2011, 19:07

We're super happy with sounds we're getting for this new TTK shit!! Totally loose schedule so we don't know when it will come out* but we're thinking just a few months since everything's going our way.

*it doesn't take more than 1/2 a second more to type "come out" or even "be released" rather than "drop". Seriously! Can we drop it?! Get it?

Thee Ultimate Baby J 7"-Recorded at Clown Sound!
Posted on: Thu, Sep 8th 2011, 00:17

Baby J

Guitar and Singing by Baby J

6 songs


Produced By Todd Congelliere

Recorded at Clown Sound Studio in San Pedro, CA

Additional singing on 4 by Miranda del Aguila

Additional instruments by Todd Congelliere

Photos by Sarah Abramson

Black & White photo by Shanty Cheryl

You might already know who Baby J is from her other two bands, CAN OF BEANS and STONED AT HEART. Well, now she has a solo 7-inch that is finally ready for the masses. This recording was attempted a few times and then Todd Congelliere (F.Y.P, Toys That Kill, Stoned At Heart, Underground Railroad To Candyland, Recess Records, Clown Sound Studio) finally got the chance to work his producer magic. After listening to the six songs the first thing I thought was, "Wow, I bet bands are going to be covering these songs for a long time." It's one of those timeless records that have what Duane Peters calls, "simplexity?"



• Comes w/ Free Download Code
• 7" x 7" Lyric Sheet
• 300 Black / 200 Translucent Gold Vinyl


The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins
Posted on: Mon, May 2nd 2011, 22:58

The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins LP BUY The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins CD BUY When Todd and I were kids I remember going to his (parents) house and he gave me the new F.Y.P full length CD called “Dance My Dunce”. Without thinking I said, “Cool, is it on a real label or is it on your thing?” Todd kinda smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s on Recess.” Needless to say, Todd asked me to leave and walked me to my car. I was stoked to hear the new F.Y.P so while we were still saying our good byes I popped it in my CD player and cranked it up to hear, “SHUT YOUR FUCKIN’…” Todd put his hands up, as if to block the sound from going to his house and said laughingly, “Turn it down, my parents haven’t heard it yet!” It was probably the first time I had heard Todd say the “F” word too (he used to say “flippin” instead). Listening to the record on the drive home that day I realized, Todd is in a real band… This is fuckin good punk rock, dude! So here we are years later and I’m working at Recess Records when Todd tells me, “Just got the mastered Underground today, I’m sending you a MP3 right now.” Awesome! I worked the rest of the day, mailing records and shirts around the world. I get home and download the new stuff and holy shit, I’m blow away again (Cheesy but true)! I texted Todd, “It’s not a record, it’s a movement! Dude, REALLY GOOD! I totally get it, REALLY GOOD!” What I meant by, “I totally get it” is, it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before… musically or recording style. Originally risky and thoughtfully crafted music made to be listened to AND I got to sing backups on a song! Look at me, mom, I’m on a hit record! I wonder if Todd is going to let his parents hear this one. BUY OR DIE!--==HALBADAL==-- First 100 vinyl orders get a poster and GREEN vinyl that's only available through Recess or,if still available!, one of the record release shows (April 30 @ Bar Pink-San Diego or May 7 @ Pherespace-LA). Track list--Listen to full tracks by clicking either "video" and/or "stream". "Plus Interview" means there's an interview on the other side of that link:

  1. That I Dunno Video or Stream (Plus interview)
  2. Jimmy V Video orStream (Plus interview)
  3. Animals? 30 seconds?
  4. Animals! Run! Video
  5. My Number's on The Stall Stream (Plus tour awards!)
  6. And You Think YOU can Tame Me?! Video
  7. Bus
  8. Up For Grabs
  9. 2010 Video
  10. We Aren't The World (Lalalalalalalalala) Video or Stream (plus interview)
  11. Bitter
  12. Run! Chicken! Run!
  13. Stop Cryin' Kid Video
  14. 2010 reprise
  15. The Wicked Shakes Video

URTC-We Aren't The World
Posted on: Fri, Apr 8th 2011, 02:32

"We aren't the world" from the Underground Railroad to Candyland KNOWS YOUR SINS record. Directed by Craig Flipy. Puppets and set by Barney Rubbish. The people who jammed their hands up the puppets butts were Vanessa, Dianne, Lindsay and the number one fan of "Beerfoot", Jenny.

URTC-My Numer's on the Stall Preview
Posted on: Thu, Mar 31st 2011, 21:48

Scene Point Blank clocks in with their Underground Railroad to Candyland exclusive stream of "My Number's on the Stall" from the upcoming Knows Your Sins album that was recorded at Clown Sound. Due out 4/26

Todd took time from his busy schedule to put together a Tour Awards column for us, from his most recent Toys That Kill tour.

Best Sound Guy CAMERON AT SOUTHGATE HOUSE - NEWPORT, KY Boy did I mess this one up! We showed up to perhaps the most interesting, and quite scenic, punk club: The Southgate House, which I hear has enjoyed a notable past—including visits by future presidents and some other bozos. The King Shit, Richard Southgate, was known for lubing up even the most noble soldiers with a debaucheryfest the night before they went to war. One cold December night in 1835 he hosted 50 of Captain Sherman's best men right before they fought for and won Texas' independence. Hence the slogan: "Don't Mess With Sherman's Boys." John Dillinger even had the patience to sit through a 12-hour photo shoot to create the famous silhouette that you see to this day. Locals claim to have heard them upset about the catering and barking about “art of the future” or something close to that. Read Full Story

URTC-Jimmy V Preview
Posted on: Wed, Mar 23rd 2011, 16:49

URTC at Harolds

Amp is streaming exclusively Jimmy V. The second song off of The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins. Due out April 26th 2011.
Both streams have an interview next to em.

Photo by-Shanty Cheryl

URTC-That I Dunno Preview
Posted on: Wed, Mar 23rd 2011, 16:41

URTCJaded In Chicago-champed up and is now streaming "That I Dunno" which is the first song on the upcoming The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins album. Recorded in Clown Sound and due out April 26th 2011! Let's do this!

Photo by-Shanty Cheryl

The Watt from Pedro Show...from Clown Sound
Posted on: Wed, Mar 9th 2011, 04:52

My 3rd guest slot on The Watt From Pedro Show. Only this time recorded in Clown Sound due to Brother Matt's under the weatherness. Get well soon. This time struck a glory nerve to be Mike Watt's Ed McMahon. Or maybe Barney Fife. Ok Ok, Balki Bartokomous. Regardless, it was fun!

PS Go to one of these shows! Mike Watt and The Missingmen tour

Photo by Shanty Cheryl

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