The Underground Railroad to Candyland-Knows Your Sins
Posted on: Thu, Feb 3rd 2011, 18:15

3rd times a charm indeed!! URTC's sophmore album, recorded at Clown Sound! Looking at an April release date.

  1. That I Dunno
  2. Jimmy V
  3. Animals? 30 seconds?
  4. Animals! Run!
  5. Cos My Number's on The Stall
  6. Tame Me
  7. Bus
  8. Up for grabs
  9. 2010
  10. We Aren't The World (Lalalalalalalalala)
  11. Bitter
  12. Run! Chicken! Run!
  13. Stop Cryin' Kid
  14. 2010 reprise
  15. The Wicked Shakes

Audacity Residency
Posted on: Tue, Jan 4th 2011, 15:40


The Underground Railroad to Candyland recording in Clown Sound
Posted on: Wed, Dec 15th 2010, 19:22

Shanty Cheryl put 826 of her GREAT photos to an early demo version of "Stop Cryin' Kid" by URTC.

10 other tracks were recorded a week and a half ago in Clown Sound. We are in the middle of mixing
and adding now. We'll get a rough mix or two up here soon. No release date scheduled yet but were
hoping for March or april 2011.

Audacity Recording in Clown Sound
Posted on: Mon, Dec 13th 2010, 23:03

Shanty Cheryl has added some great pics of Audacity recording in Clown Sound.

We'll get some rough mixes up here asap!

Toys That Kill Demo and Tour!
Posted on: Sat, Oct 16th 2010, 14:47

Here we have a Toys That Kill demo recorded in Clown Sound for an undisclosed future release. TTK have inserted their hand's into the circle and yelled "WOOF!" to add this to the never-premeditated set on the tour that STARTS TODAY!! Joining them on Oct 22nd is The Arrivals. Their new album, Volatile Molotov on Recess Records, is amazing!

Clown Sound App! Free!
Posted on: Fri, Oct 15th 2010, 16:59

Clown Sound APP

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This app streamlines all these projects and Clown Sound happenings so you, and we, know what's goin on.

You get privy to:
1) Shows
2) Stream EVERYTHING recorded at Clown Sound right on yer phone. And if you really like it, you buy it...right? RIGHT?!
3) Demo's-fresh with sweat still on 'em
4) News updates in real time. When was the last time something happened to you in "real time"?!
5) Recording tips from self-admitting non-professional's who understand that professionalism kill's good songwriting.
6) Exclusive content,like video of practice and recording sessions in Clown Sound. Ya know? Like stuff that'll save your life. Because it's exclusive.

Stoned At Heart-Turn and Run Away Video
Posted on: Thu, Sep 30th 2010, 17:08

Clown Sound Drum Mic Placement
Posted on: Sun, Sep 12th 2010, 23:47

AKG414 Room & Nuemann TLM103 OH. Wa La!

F.Y.P in Clown Sound
Posted on: Sun, Sep 12th 2010, 19:10

Tryin' to Work it out. Shot by Shanty Cheryl inside the Clown Sound

Tri-Arts Music Fest in Pedro
Posted on: Fri, Sep 10th 2010, 16:39


We need to have a strong turnout to show the townies that there is an audience for this type of music. Hopefully this will get our foot in the door for future San Pedro civic events like "Music In The Park" and "A Taste Of San Pedro." Let's make it happen! Show your support!!!

-Water Under The Bridge Records

“When the smoke clears, only the true rebels will stand.”

Stoned At Heart Plays at 4:40pm
Click here for full info


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