Pody Cast 4.2
Posted on: Wed, Sep 8th 2010, 23:24

San Pedro’s most famous hosers, Hal, Todd and Teets, get jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, only to learn that something is rotten with the state of it.

The gripping conclusion.


Pody Cast 4.1
Posted on: Mon, Aug 30th 2010, 16:55

Pody Cast is created inside Clown Sound. So...let's do this!

Hoping to snag some free beer by helping a brewery owner reclaim her business, goofy brothers Bob (Todd Congelliere) and Doug (Hal Ba Dal) end up battling criminal Brewmeister Smith (Tito Hagler), who plans to take over the world by releasing his hypnotic suds to the public. Can the beer-guzzling masses count on these “hosers” to save the day? Shanty Cheryl and J Blast also star in this gut-busting vintage comedy.


Posted on: Sun, Aug 29th 2010, 22:17

Flipy's Moped For Sasquatch video. Adventure with a capped out A! Craig Flipy will give lil' rib jabs at this sweatshirted grey yetti one day! Mark my words!!

Music: Battery Low from "Clown Sounds"

Our record = awesome
Posted on: Sun, Aug 29th 2010, 19:24


In the grand pantheon of rocknroll, this is the first pairing of GRABASS CHARLESTONS and TOYS THAT KILL. Weird, huh? It is no accident that this is at the very top of our interweb page. It is as purposeful as the TOUR that GC is currently embarked upon. Be there and pick up one of these slabs of PINK THUNDER. Consider this while you sweat it out. Consider as well, joining either TEAM PINK or TEAM BLUE. Perhaps you are indecisive? Join both. Many records were harmed in the making of this record. Considerably creepy cover painting by Jason Miracle.

Buy From Recess or No Idea

First Pressing (as if it were not obvious enough) on your choice of PINK or BLUE vinyl! (Includes Butt Load Code)-No Idea Records

Todd Congelliere-Clown Sounds LP/CD/CASS/DL
Posted on: Fri, Aug 6th 2010, 02:36

todd congelliere

This release is sometimes a mouthful to explain. So here goes:Clown Sounds LP has the official 2nd album, the way its supposed to be sequenced, and sounds really good on vinyl, thanx to the Lucky/Dave Eck mastering. The Cassette has the entire LP plus two bonus tracks tht are exclusive to the cassette version. These were released by Burger & Small Pool Records.

The CD version, entitled "Clown Sounds & Clown Frowns" contains what is on the Clown Sounds LP vinyl version plus the Clown Frown album. I say "album" cos it never really was officially released. 3 of the songs were on the "People in The Sand" 7" that was released on Ol' Tennis Shoe Records, and 1 song was released on "V/A Dangerous Intersections" compilation on Traffic Street Records. This hefty CD was released by the good Pedro folk at Water Under The Bridge Records.

All of the formats are available at the respective label' sites or the Recess Online Shoppe

Both albums are available on Itunes.

Clown Sounds Download

Clown Frown Download

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