URTC-My Numer's on the Stall Preview
Posted on: Thu, Mar 31st 2011, 21:48

Scene Point Blank clocks in with their Underground Railroad to Candyland exclusive stream of "My Number's on the Stall" from the upcoming Knows Your Sins album that was recorded at Clown Sound. Due out 4/26

Todd took time from his busy schedule to put together a Tour Awards column for us, from his most recent Toys That Kill tour.

Best Sound Guy CAMERON AT SOUTHGATE HOUSE - NEWPORT, KY Boy did I mess this one up! We showed up to perhaps the most interesting, and quite scenic, punk club: The Southgate House, which I hear has enjoyed a notable past—including visits by future presidents and some other bozos. The King Shit, Richard Southgate, was known for lubing up even the most noble soldiers with a debaucheryfest the night before they went to war. One cold December night in 1835 he hosted 50 of Captain Sherman's best men right before they fought for and won Texas' independence. Hence the slogan: "Don't Mess With Sherman's Boys." John Dillinger even had the patience to sit through a 12-hour photo shoot to create the famous silhouette that you see to this day. Locals claim to have heard them upset about the catering and barking about “art of the future” or something close to that. Read Full Story